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For those of you who love pussies hairy, just the way nature intended them, Welcome to the Hairy Pussy Blog! Everyone else here agrees with your views so come in and join like minded people at the Hairy Pussy Blog.


Men who prefer a hairy pussy are usually naturalists. In other words, they want everything to be just as nature intended it. This probably means that they prefer their women to have hairy armpits and legs, too. People who like things to be all natural can be part of nudist groups, communes, and also grow their own food.

There are many reasons to keep a pussy covered with hair besides just preference. Some pussies really NEED to have hair, or something, covering them. Many imperfections are successfully hidden by hair and this includes a hairy pussy.

What reasons would a pussy need to be covered? To begin with, there are some pussies that have abnormally large pussy lips that are extraordinarily unattractive. Unless you have a particular fetish for large pussy lips, you will most likely not want to have to see any more of them exposed than is necessary. Therefore, having a covering of hair will make those pussies more inviting.

There are also pussies that tend to maintain a rather red, raw, or chapped look to them. If they are shaved, this condition will be seen quite readily. However, a hairy pussy can make these look just as attractive as ordinary ones. In these cases, hair is a very useful tool, as all women want to have pussies that men drool over.

Men who like hair on pussies don’t mind licking through that hair to get to the clit or to slide it deep into the pussy. In fact, a lot of them make a joke about flossing their teeth with any hair that may get caught. This can either be a funny joke or an unfunny one depending on how it is taken by the woman whose pussy is providing the hair.

Another reason that men love a hairy pussy is that it is proof that this is a WOMAN they are with and not a little girl. Those shaved pussies can often look as if they belong to 12 year olds. Children are not exciting to men, unless they are a “certain kind” of men, the kind who are considered to be felons. The hair present on a woman’s pussy shows that she is old enough to know what she wants and who she wants to do it with.

A woman with hair on her pussy wears it with pride as a badge of sexuality. Men who realize this are very lucky, indeed.


Sometimes there is just a lot to be said in favor of a shaved pussy over a hairy twat. When you go down on a woman who has that smooth, shaved skin, it’s so easy to lick and lick her for hours. Your tongue just glides over those pussy lips and it’s the simplest thing in the world to part them and locate that clit to suck on. If you have to fight your way through a wad of hair, it could take a lot of time and effort to actually FIND the pussy lips and clit.

A hairy twat can be quite a detriment indeed when it comes to having some hot, sweaty fucking. Some women have such long hair on their pussies that when a guy starts sliding his cock inside, hair will actually wrap around it and pull as it goes further in. This can be rather uncomfortable for the woman as well as the man when she squeals and starts jerking around. Incidents like these can be avoided if women will at least trim the hair on their pussies. If they are totally against shaving, they can still have a hairy twat but not so hairy that it gets in the way of sexy fun.

Many lesbians choose to shave their pussies because licking for them is a way of life. They may get tired of fighting all the hair eventually and shave it bare. If they don’t like this look, or feel, they can always let it grow back. However, it’s rather itchy when the hair starts growing back in so that’s not always recommended on a regular basis.

Some women who like the look of hair on their pussies but not the way it can hinder sexual progress, decide to opt for a landing strip. This is when a hairy twat is shaved somewhat but there is hair left growing in a triangle. It still looks womanly but has less hair for a tongue to have to fight its way through. A landing strip has a sexy look and is a great compromise between natural hairy and completely bald.

Whatever you decide to do about the hair on your pussy, remember that if you don’t like what you’ve done, it will always grow back. Then you can start all over again until you get it right. Take your time and try some different looks. Eventually, you will hit on just the right one.


There is a lot of debate these days about whether a sexy pussy has hair or is bare. Some experts on this subject would be hairy lesbians. These women deal with the reality of this question every single day of their lives. The answer of whether to shave or not might just surprise you.

For one thing, lesbians share the same opinion as men do on the subject of a hairy pussy. Some like it and some don’t. It’s really that simple. The lesbians who don’t mind the hair may also have quite an affection for it. Granted, hairy lesbians probably spend a lot more time picking hair out of their teeth than shaved lesbians, but they don’t seem to care a lot about it.

The presence of hair, for some lesbians, shows the womanly nature of her partner. It is a major turn on for these lesbians to reach down and feel that soft downy nest between her lover’s legs. They also enjoy looking at the hairy pussy on their partners. It’s this that makes them understand just what the art of being a woman is all about. They don’t mind if a bit of this hair gets on the tongues or in their teeth while they are paying tongue worship to these hairy temples. Hairy lesbians feel that they have it all worked out right.

While other lesbians don’t actually enjoy plowing through pussy hair, neither do they totally object to it. The reasons may be the same as the lesbians who seem to worship a hairy pussy or it just may be that they feel the absence of hair is far more feminine. Whatever the opinions may be, it still works out to be a matter of personal preference.

When it comes right down to it, just what difference does it really make whether the choice is hairy lesbians or shaved ones? As long as both parties are happy and fulfilled, it shouldn’t matter at all. Another thing to think about is that if you seem to be fixed solidly one way, you may change your mind once you have attempted going at things the other way. It just gives you more options.

How many paintings and statues have you viewed of females who you thought were totally sexy even though they had hair on their pussies? Hundreds of years ago, women did not shave their pussies. Neither were they skinny little things. Yet, men fell at their feet all the time. Sexy is simply a matter of taste.


It’s quite surprising in this day and age of razors and other shaving apparatuses that there are still hairy women in the world. At least it may SEEM surprising. In reality, there are many reasons that women would still choose to keep their pussy hair. This is also true for the hair under their arms and on their legs.

For one thing, everyone is jumping on the living green bandwagon, and naturalists are the biggest supporters of all of living green. They feel that shaving is unnatural and not meant to be done. Body hair is something that is given to us as we grow and hairy women assume that this is the way it should continue to be.

Some women experience such things as razor burn, chaffing, or other skin irritations when they shave. This happens even when they use an electric shaver. So rather than invest in some expensive hair removal products month after month, these women choose to simply stop shaving.

In parts of Europe, women are known to not shave a lot or ever. This is not something that they even think about and the men there tend to accept this as being just the way things are done. Therefore, hairy women are quite common in those parts.

There are men who have a fetish for women who have a lot of body hair. This includes the rare bearded ladies that were once quite popular in traveling carnival side shows. There have even been real “bearded” ladies in the past born with a certain disorder that made them excessively hairy. Men who love the look and feel of a lot of hair on women loved the women they could find in these side shows.

Men who love women with hairy bodies don’t limit their affection simply for a hairy pussy. These guys love hairy women, in general. This means they love the armpit hair, leg hair, and even some facial hair. In fact, men like this would probably love to shave together every morning. It would be something a bit different, that’s for sure.

The point is that even the hairiest of women can be found to be attractive and sexy by SOMEONE on the earth. Whether it’s a fetish or just a personal preference, you can bet that these women will be adored and worshiped by a man who knows how to appreciate them. Maybe there IS someone for everyone.


It seems if you take the time to ask guys what it is they like about fucking with really old women they will tell you that it’s those granny hairy pussies that totally gets them going. That’s right, they love the fact that those old ladies rarely bother to shave their pussies anymore, if they ever did. So the guys get treated to a full blown hairy nest once they get those panties off of them.

It’s not known for sure just why those hairy bushes are so alluring to men, although it may be due to the fact that so many women shave their pussies these days, that it’s hard to find a granny hairy pussy, except on a GRANNY. The really cute thing is that these older grannies don’t seem to mind the younger guys looking, either. In fact, at times they will deliberately make it easy for the guys to peek under their skirts.

Another reason that younger men may be so drawn to these older women is because of the way their own grannies felt to them when they were younger. They might be remembering a close, busty hug or a kiss when they fell down and hurt themselves. Now unless they ever glimpsed their grannies in the shower, they probably never saw a granny hairy pussy. But they may think of what it would be like.

Many guys use this as a visual when they are having some solo action although they may not be able to tell you exactly why this has such a strong sexual pull to it. Admittedly, though, there is something quite enticing about these old ladies, it’s hard to put a name to just what that may be.

Something else that falls into this category is the love of those old lady bloomers instead of hot sexy panties. Granny hair pussies rarely sport their sexier counterparts but choose, instead, to wear those panties that go all the way to the waist and cover everything else in the crotch area. These may not be sexy or appealing to everyone, but to the guys who love grannies, they are quite a draw. It may be just these panties that are the turn on.

In the end, no one has to understand what the appeal is of grannies. All that really matters is that the attraction exists. When you think about it, old ladies need love, too.


Years ago, men preferred for their women to have a hairy bush rather than a shaved one. It was probably due to a certain fashion trend or style but it could likely have been because no one really thought about shaving “down there.” They certainly wouldn’t have thought about it during the centuries when women were expected to wear a dress and stockings every day even when they were staying home to clean, do laundry, and cook. They most likely shaved their armpits and legs because this is what they were taught in health class. But you can bet that a hairy bush was very much the norm.

It’s not clear on exactly what men back then thought about hairy pussies on their women. However, since the sexual revolution didn’t come about until the late 1960’s, chances are good that they rarely even SAW their wives naked very often, let alone complained about them having hairy pussies. They were just happy to be getting to fuck once in awhile, so they weren’t going to whine if there happened to be some hair getting in the way a bit. For them, it would never get in the way THAT much.

Some women may have trimmed a hairy bush at times, especially if they were brunettes, who are notorious for being really hairy. When they wore swimsuits they would not have wanted to have tufts of hair sticking out at the crotch of the suits. So if not shaving, then certainly trimming was in order for these ladies.

Maybe those women back then didn’t have the option of choosing if they wanted to shave or not. But the women in this day and age have the options of doing anything they want, and that includes shaving off unwanted body hair. If women have a hairy bush these days it is because they choose to have one.

Men are a bit more vocal about what they like today, too, than they used to be. Since sex is actually TALKED about now, it’s ok to speak up about what you like and what you don’t like. So if a man wants a woman who shaves her pussy, he can say so without having to feel strange about it. The same is true of men who want a woman who leaves her pussy hair growing naturally. The hardest part is matching this couple up so that they can have what they want.


There are many men in the world today who have an obsession with teens but if they also like hairy women, they might be a bit out of luck because hairy teens are a bit difficult to find. Teen girls are not typically very hairy for quite some time. Even at age 18 they may not have developed all the hair that they will be growing in years to come.

As for the armpit hair and the leg hair, there will most likely be plenty of that unless the girl is a blonde. Teens with light hair do not seem to be hairy teens like brunettes. Make no mistake, they will have some hair, but it may just be quite light and feathery rather than thick and noticeable. Brunettes, on the other hand, typically start shaving their legs and underarms when they are quite young still.

Pussy hair on a brunette is quite thick and dark. It’s usually necessary to shave at least the very top of the legs so that they can wear short shorts and a skimpy swimsuit. Instead of shaving, there are plenty of hair removal products on the market if the hairy teens need or want to purchase them. These are supposed to make life easier when it comes to removing some unsightly hair.

However, a lot of men love to see hairy women. If a girl has hairy underarms, legs and an extremely hairy pussy, these guys are good to go. They will stay hard for hours and want to fuck all night long just because there is so much hair to look at, touch, and play with. There is probably a reason for this particular fetish but only the guys will know what that is and will most likely not want to tell the whole story.

Hairy teens can still be quite cute. They are probably even cuter to the man who loves to see hair on his women. If he happens to have both a fetish for hairy females as well as teens, this would put him in sex heaven. He could have his young, nubile, hair covered teen girl and have everything that he may possibly want.

Make no mistake that there are many men who enjoy the fun of playing with the young teen girls as well as their hair. It may not be easy for these guys to find the perfect girl, but that doesn’t mean they will stop looking.


If you think back to the days of high school, you will probably remember some hairy girls that everyone thought were really odd and funny looking. These are the girls who apparently never were taught to use a razor or electric shaver. Therefore, they didn’t shave. They always had enough under arm hair to macramé and their legs looked like shrubbery with all the unsightly hair that was showing there.

Physical Education class rolled around and that was a REAL treat for the other girls, you know the ones who were NORMAL? These girls who shaved always tried not to look at the hairy girls in the locker room. It was just too much to see all of that hair elsewhere and then have to see that atrocious bush nestled between the thighs of these girls.

Oddly enough, these girls are the very ones who would be a fetishist’s dream these days. The guys who want to see a lot of hair on their women would have adored these girls. They would have put them up on pedestals and worshiped them. It’s just a matter of knowing what you like and if a guy loves hairy girls, that’s what he has to have.

High school was a cruel time for many people who didn’t quite fit in and any girl who saw shaving as a bad thing was going to be made fun of. It’s not like it was anyone’s fault. These girls should have KNOWN better than to set themselves up this way. Didn’t they see how the popular girls always had smoothly shaved legs and underarms? Some of the more advanced girls may have already been shaving excess hair from their pussies or at least trimming it so that it was all neat.

Now, while people still tend to view hair as unsightly or untidy for the most part, it has become a more tolerant time in history. These days, if a girl wants to be hairy, she can be hairy. If she wants to shave, she can do that, too. Hairy girls can be that way if that’s what they decide. It’s a good thing that people have evolved to the point where anything can be acceptable without putting someone who is a bit different in an embarrassing situation.

Men can also publically say what they enjoy. It’s not embarrassing for them to say they want hairy women in their beds. It’s also now not embarrassing for a girl to be hairy if she wants to.


Beaver is such a funny word to give to a vagina. A hairy beaver is, quite possibly, one of the most amusing terms in the English language. There are others, of course. A vagina is also called a pussy, a cunt, a fannie, and an assortment of other terms. But beaver is the funniest of them all.

You may often hear a man say that he’s going to go hunt beaver. If you aren’t familiar with that term, you probably think that he’s lost his mind or that he must be a furrier of some sort. Why else would anyone want to be hunting beaver, especially hairy beaver? The thing is this kind of beaver you don’t need a gun to hunt. In fact, you locate these beavers in places like nightclubs, bars, parties, or anywhere you go that women frequent.

Yes, that’s right. You guessed it. A beaver belongs to a woman. If a man says he’s going out to hunt beaver, then he means he is going to try to find a woman who will have sex with him. This is true unless, of course, you happen to be somewhere in Canada or Alaska when you hear that phrase. Then he might actually BE going to hunt for beaver.

Hairy beaver is not a very flattering term for women, and most of them don’t find it very alluring. So, chances are if you’re a man who says he’s hunting for beaver, you probably won’t get any. Women don’t enjoy being called that and they will most likely not be interested in fucking you if they hear you call them that. It’s more of a term that you use around the guys only. You may hear a woman say it but it’s usually as a joke.

Therefore, you may want to keep that in mind the next time that your cock needs a bit of attention. If you’re serious about finding a hairy beaver to make you feel better, you might want to be sure that any women in your target range do not hear you say that phrase. Any women who do hear it are either going to throw a drink in your face, slap you, or just move as far away from you as possible. Don’t mess up your chances at getting lucky or you’ll never get laid.

It’s just a bit of advice. It doesn’t mean you have to believe me. But ignore what I have said, and you’ll find out.


You may hear some people refer to your hairy sex as your pussy. If you have lots of hair on your pussy you will probably find that many guys get off on that. They love running their hands through the nest between your legs. They also don’t mind licking their way through it to find your clit. In fact, you may see them pause to pull a hair out from between their teeth.

Other men prefer to see a pussy in all its glory. They don’t like hair covering it up and having to muff dive to find the important parts. So if you have a hairy sex you probably want to find out from a guy BEFORE you fuck him which ones he likes. If he’s one of those hair lovers, you are probably in luck. He will spend hours just combing through your pussy hair. Then he will most likely spend even longer with his tongue pierced through that mound of hair busily licking your pussy and sucking on your clit.

Now, if you find that your prospective fuck buddy wants a bald pussy, you will want to either fly to the bathroom really fast and make sure that you no longer have a hairy sex, or you will be honest. Tell him that your pussy has hair, a lot of it, and that you don’t intend to shave it for him or anyone else. You’ll find out then just how interested he is.

If it works out, maybe you can settle on a compromise of some sort. Offer to make a little landing strip on your pussy. This keeps the hairy look but it also takes away the hair around the pussy lips and helps him be able to get his tongue where it needs to be. If he is still insistent that he MUST have a hairy sex to fuck, then you probably don’t have something to work with here and should wave bye-bye to him at the door.

The thing to remember is that there are choices offered to both men and women today. You can choose hair or no hair and you can also choose where you grow it and where you shave it. There’s nothing wrong with either but you just need to make sure that you hook up with someone who thinks of it the same way that you do. If you can’t find that person right away, you need to keep looking.