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For those of you who love pussies hairy, just the way nature intended them, Welcome to the Hairy Pussy Blog! Everyone else here agrees with your views so come in and join like minded people at the Hairy Pussy Blog.


If you ask a man who adores hairy fannies just what it is about the hair that floats his boat, he will most likely not be able to give you a straight up answer. Men like him just feel that hair can make all the difference when it is appearing on a pussy. Actually, most men like long hair on women’s heads, too. But that seems to be where they part ways, in some instances.

For example, one man may ADORE long hair on a woman. In fact, they may feel that the longer it is the better. But when it comes to hairy fannies they would prefer to NOT see that bit of perfection covered up. Another man may love long hair on his women, but will ALSO love making his way through a forest of hair on a pussy.

There’s no real rhyme or reason for it, either. The men who love to see a nice bush between the legs of a woman may have had an experience when they were younger. This experience likely included a female of their own age or older woman who had an especially hairy pussy. The experience was probably so hot that hairy fannies are what this guy now prefers.

A relationship with a man like this can be very advantageous to a woman who either doesn’t like to shave her pussy or she’s just too lazy to do it. This man will not WANT her to shave and would be most upset and disappointed if she did. If she was suddenly sporting a bald fanny, then he would not have all of that luscious hair to tangle in his hands and his mouth.

It’s hard to say what it is about hair covering a fanny that many men find so delectable. However, the fact remains that hairy fannies are quite the turn on for a significant amount of men. It’s easier to understand with the older men. They have probably grown up with women who had hairy pussies. It is what they have come to expect and anything less than hair on a fanny just doesn’t seem right to them. But the younger guys may certainly have a sexy and hot story to tell about why they MUST have hair on the fannies of their women. That may just be a story that is best told while he’s lying naked with his woman who, of course, has a VERY hairy fanny.

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