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For those of you who love pussies hairy, just the way nature intended them, Welcome to the Hairy Pussy Blog! Everyone else here agrees with your views so come in and join like minded people at the Hairy Pussy Blog.


When you think of a nudist colony, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about hairy nudes. It’s just about as bad as thinking of an octogenarian nudist. However, it does make a bit of sense. If you’re a nudist but have quite a bit of hair on your body, it may be that you don’t need clothes after all. With that much hair on your body, you already have the fur coat that nature gave you.

That may sound a bit trite but it’s also true. Cavemen were believed to have a lot of body hair and they were probably the first hairy nudes. If they got too cold, apparently they killed furry animals and skinned them, using their coats as coverings for themselves. But until that time, they seemed to have enough body hair to keep themselves quite comfortable, and happy to rely on nature’s own fur coat.

It’s not quite so bad to look at male nudists who are also hairy. I mean, guys are kind of supposed to be hairy unless they are into shaving their body for sports or lifestyle reasons. That’s why it isn’t uncomfortable to be looking at male hairy nudes. You associate men with hair. So when those hairy nude women come out, you just aren’t really ready for that.

However, there are many men in the world who adore hairy women. Some men even share the bathroom mirror each morning with their hairy women as they shave together. That’s kind of weird but it’s really true. They don’t want a woman who has smooth shaved skin. Only those hairy women work for these men.

Now there’s nothing wrong with liking women with an abnormal amount of body hair. There are too many men who enjoy being with these ladies for there not to be a reason for it. It’s safe to say that female hairy nudes are going to be quite popular with the men who love hair on their women. They may even spend a great deal of time just staring at all the hair that’s visible on these ladies.

If you’re one of those guys who tend to enjoy a hairy woman, you might want to do a little research and find the right places to meet women like this. Not all of them like the fact that they are so hairy but they just cant afford all over the body electrolysis. This makes them have to live with the way they look so they are more than thrilled to meet men who are attracted to hair.

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