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For those of you who love pussies hairy, just the way nature intended them, Welcome to the Hairy Pussy Blog! Everyone else here agrees with your views so come in and join like minded people at the Hairy Pussy Blog.


It seems if you take the time to ask guys what it is they like about fucking with really old women they will tell you that it’s those granny hairy pussies that totally gets them going. That’s right, they love the fact that those old ladies rarely bother to shave their pussies anymore, if they ever did. So the guys get treated to a full blown hairy nest once they get those panties off of them.

It’s not known for sure just why those hairy bushes are so alluring to men, although it may be due to the fact that so many women shave their pussies these days, that it’s hard to find a granny hairy pussy, except on a GRANNY. The really cute thing is that these older grannies don’t seem to mind the younger guys looking, either. In fact, at times they will deliberately make it easy for the guys to peek under their skirts.

Another reason that younger men may be so drawn to these older women is because of the way their own grannies felt to them when they were younger. They might be remembering a close, busty hug or a kiss when they fell down and hurt themselves. Now unless they ever glimpsed their grannies in the shower, they probably never saw a granny hairy pussy. But they may think of what it would be like.

Many guys use this as a visual when they are having some solo action although they may not be able to tell you exactly why this has such a strong sexual pull to it. Admittedly, though, there is something quite enticing about these old ladies, it’s hard to put a name to just what that may be.

Something else that falls into this category is the love of those old lady bloomers instead of hot sexy panties. Granny hair pussies rarely sport their sexier counterparts but choose, instead, to wear those panties that go all the way to the waist and cover everything else in the crotch area. These may not be sexy or appealing to everyone, but to the guys who love grannies, they are quite a draw. It may be just these panties that are the turn on.

In the end, no one has to understand what the appeal is of grannies. All that really matters is that the attraction exists. When you think about it, old ladies need love, too.

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