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For those of you who love pussies hairy, just the way nature intended them, Welcome to the Hairy Pussy Blog! Everyone else here agrees with your views so come in and join like minded people at the Hairy Pussy Blog.


Most teens are not known to be all that hairy, but my neighbor is definitely a hairy teen. If she would just shave a bit it would be a lot better but I guess she figures if she starts shaving, she will have to do it on a daily basis. This girl has so much hair on her body that I am surprised she goes out wearing anything other than long pants and long sleeved shirts. But she does.

The first time I saw her, she was actually lying out in the sun in her backyard. From a distance, she looked pretty hot so I walked to the fence and said hello. When she walked over, I saw then what a hairy teen she really is. She was wearing a tiny little bikini swim suit with these tufts of hair peeking out from either side of her bikini bottoms. Under her arms there was enough hair that you could crochet with it. I can’t even talk about her legs.

I tried to carry on a somewhat intelligent conversation but it was quite difficult with all of that hair staring me in the face. My eyes kept straying to her pussy area where that hair stuck out from her bikini bottoms. She had to know I was staring because it was like I had no control over where I looked. I have to say, though, that this hairy teen remained really sweet and gracious through the whole conversation. I finally walked away and knew that I would never be asking this girl out or anything remotely similar.

A few days later, this buddy of mine stopped by for a beer. We were sitting out on my back deck when he saw my hairy neighbor coming out in yet another tiny bikini. My buddy’s jaw dropped and his eyes bugged out as he stared at this hairy teen. I was all set to say “Yeah, dude, I know,” when he said “That’s the sexiest fucking girl I have ever seen!” I curbed my remarks instantly and asked him if he wanted to meet her.

I put these two together and they haven’t been apart since. Even her parents are cool with it. I think they’re just relieved that their daughter has finally found a boyfriend. If they decide to tie the knot, it will be one hell of a wedding because her parents are loaded. Oh, did I forget to mention that?

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