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For those of you who love pussies hairy, just the way nature intended them, Welcome to the Hairy Pussy Blog! Everyone else here agrees with your views so come in and join like minded people at the Hairy Pussy Blog.


When you meet an older woman you can almost bet that she has a hairy mature pussy under her dress. There’s rarely any doubt since these ladies grew up in a much different era and were most likely raised to believe that if they were growing hair on their pussies, then they were meant to KEEP hair on them. It just doesn’t seem right to these women to be shaving the hair off of their pussies.

If you can find some older pictures of nude women, especially vintage types, you will see that all of these naked women have a hairy mature pussy. Even the younger girls are sporting pretty impressive bushes over their pussies in these pictures. While they all probably shaved under their arms and their legs, it most likely never occurred to any of them that they could shave their pussies. However, these women may have decided to do some trimming if there was a lot of hair. That was as far as they went, though.

Most women who were born, raised and lived so many years ago were typically quite excited when they began, as young girls, to start growing hair on their pussies. This was a badge of maturity and a rite of passage to them. Now, that they are older, their hairy mature pussies still seem to be a symbol of their womanhood and they wear it proudly, whether anyone else sees it or not. The women know it’s there and it will continue to be.

It’s always been something that teen girls looked forward to. In fact, growing pussy hair was a lot like waiting for their first menstrual cycle. These are both definite signs that they were growing up and becoming women. Little did it matter that they were also that much closer to having the adult problems that grown up women have. This just meant to them that they were about to become independent.

For men who enjoy women with hairy pussies, they should really take some time to woo these older women. You can bet that there will be plenty of hair nestled right there between the tops of their thighs, just waiting to have your fingers run through it, feeling it and guarding those pouty pussy lips. It will also be a lot of fun for you guys to push your tongue through that older pussy hair and start searching for that mature clit. I bet you’re hard right now just from thinking about that, aren’t you?

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